Athena Systems: Integrated Trading & Portfolio Management

Athena Systems: Integrated Trading & Portfolio Management

CIO VendorScott Sykowski, Head of Research & MD
With over two decades of expertise in the Capital Markets industry, Scott Sykowski, Head of Research & Managing Director of Athena Systems says, “Most Hedge Funds and Family Offices are looking for integrated platforms to perform their entire business workflows on a single dashboard.” “We also see an increased demand in the market for investor management, reporting and accounting,” adds Stefano Guarnieri, Head of Product and Managing Director. The company’s order management system, initially a tool for traders, has evolved over the years to become an enterprise-wide platform on which Hedge Funds and Family Offices can manage their entire operations chain— front to back. “With all major Trading, Portfolio Management, Compliance, Risk, and Reporting functions integrated, we provide a set of proven tools which save users several hours of time a week; allowing investment managers to focus on generating returns for their investors,” comments Sykowski.

Athena offers a turn-key solution that includes a front-end user dashboard, cloud hosting of the application, Database and FIX services, and intraday/historical data. The solution combines Trading, Portfolio Management, Compliance, Risk and Reporting into an affordable, quick to implement solution, helping Hedge Fund handle front, mid and back office tasks as efficiently as possible. For instance, Athena’s Aura and Spark platforms, in addition to offering relevant business information, now allows mass customization to generate high quality investor reporting. On a normal basis, crafting customer reports specific to an investor takes almost eight weeks in addition to spending $5,000 to $10,000.

Athena provides a set of proven tools that save users tens of hours per week to allow them to focus on generating alpha for their investors

“By implementing our base platform with easy to use tools, customers can edit and manipulate their client logos, names and engage different calculating metrics to be applied across different managed accounts—saving time and money,” says Luis Otero, Head of Technology & Managing Director.

To draw a vivid picture of Athena’s success in the domain, Guarnieri, recalls the customer success story of a recently launched Family Office. The client was mandated to periodically send detailed and transparency information to their investors regarding performance, trade postings, counter parties, and NAV calculations. Previously, the office handled the entire reporting by publishing details on PDF files on their website. The Family Office client had to create multiple pages for different investor packages which required an army of professionals. From an investor’s side, they had to fish through different dashboards for relevant data. “With our software they could streamline the whole operation with just three people,” adds Guarnieri.

Looking forward, Athena is targeting the new epoch’s mobile space, Athena offers all its solutions with capabilities to be deployed on mobile phones or devices to help user do business while on the go.

Over the past years, Athena has been successfully serving the Hedge Funds and Family Offices with their interactive trading platform to provide business insights to make profitable decisions on investments, asset allocation for individuals and risk management. “Working with our clients to provide the best analytics and giving them cost-effective solutions at a price that is cheaper than an in-house solution has always been our priority,” concludes Sykowski.