Inveniam: Translating the Benefits of Blockchain in Private Markets

Inveniam: Translating the Benefits of Blockchain in Private Markets

Patrick O’Meara, Chairman and CEO, InveniamPatrick O’Meara, Chairman and CEO
We have often heard the popular phrase, “The devil is in the details,” but according to Patrick O’Meara, Chairman and CEO of Inveniam Capital Partners, “When it comes to private markets, it’s both, the devil and the Holy Spirit, that are in the details of financial data.”

Too strong a statement? Let’s dive deeper.

When private markets companies and their investors are looking to finalize an investment decision, they need access to accurate and trustworthy private markets data. If the data is half-baked, not well-vetted, or wrongfully manipulated, it is doomed to fail for both parties. While, on the one hand, investors can make unsatisfactory—often risky—investments, private equity firms, on the other, can lose valuable clients and business to bad data. And needless to say, if the portfolio data are properly evaluated and reliable, it can become the Holy Grail for everyone to succeed.

At this juncture, O’Meara notes that private markets entities can stand to improve both funding and investment opportunities if they leverage blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (DLT). By using blockchain and DLT, he explains, private market players can create and share immutable and trustworthy data benefiting both private equity firms and private asset owners with better pricing, trading, and leveraging of assets—akin to what public equity market have already been doing for some time now. Helping private markets participants embark on a similar journey and making use of blockchain to its fullest potential; this is where NY-based Inveniam cements its cornerstone.

Being perfectly positioned at the intersection of blockchain, decentralized finance (DeFi), private markets, and data, Inveniam has developed its proprietary data operating platform,
The platform enables private markets operators to credential and validate asset data, driving opportunities in alternative, investments. “Powered by, we are offering Valuation as a Service (VaaS), where we digitally certify, validate, and index volumes of low-frequency private markets asset data, and enable private asset owners and private equity firms to make the most of the DeFi world,” says O’Meara.—the New Standard for Trusted Private Markets Data

Driven by artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation, (RPA), big data, and blockchain technology, enables asset owners and investors to manage, track, and validate performance data from origination to reporting. On the surface, the platform acts as a data credentialling layer over the clients’ data-generating systems. The platform leverages RPA to structure credentialed and extracted data. Directories or pointers to the data are stored in secure repositories.

Powered by, we are offering Valuation as a Service (VaaS), where we digitally certify, validate, and index volumes of low-frequency private markets asset data

The certified data is connected to digital tokens along with hashes to commute trust. The hashes ensure that data cannot be altered without knowledge. The digital tokens have complete audit trail validating authorship which functions as perfected proof of ownership. facilitates real-time transactions by fostering trust via immutability.

The benefits of do not end here. Using the validated data, clients can bolster pricing and performance reporting. Clients can either create custom pricing models using the platform’s features or integrate with third-party appraisal tools and exchange data for price generation. Additionally, enables clients to compare asset performance against benchmarks.

Inveniam can offer a plethora of services such as Valuation as a Service (VaaS), Waterfall as a Service (WaaS), DeFi Lending as a Service (LaaS), asset tokenization, and more. All private market participants can partner with Inveniam and benefit from the company’s comprehensive offerings. For instance, private markets companies can increase probability of funding approval through accurate and immutable ledgers of the current state of assets. Similarly, fund managers can customize deal management workflow based on evaluation data to ensure timely completion of an investment or buyout process. And with verified portfolio data, private investors can more efficiently manage investment risks.

Investors, companies, fund managers, and issuers can implement effortlessly through a SaaS model. Alternatively, clients can opt for Inveniam’s capability-building model called ‘build, operate, transition,’ or BOT. In this arrangement, Inveniam enables clients to focus on their core business while Inveniam manages the data and reports.

Proven Instances of Success

To explain how such a meticulous approach helps his company’s clients streamline private markets trading, O’Meara shares the story of a commercial real estate developer operating in Chicago. The client sought Inveniam’s assistance for valuing several real estate assets and leveraged the platform to store and tokenize the portfolio data. The client could then communicate secure and accurate investment analysis to their limited partners. This will allow the commercial real estate company to dispose of the property at a much higher value than initially anticipated. “In addition, they are in a position to accelerate their speed to market,” comments O’Meara.

Moving ahead, Inveniam is enhancing its data operating platform’s capabilities and catalysing innovative approaches managing private markets data. The company is also leading multiple projects across Europe, Middle East, and Asia to modernize private markets trading on a global scale. Through these projects, Inveniam is laser-focused on advancing trading and liquidity in private market assets. “We will continue probing deeper in the granular view of privately traded assets. Because that’s the only way to ensure your data sets remain the golden copy and source of truth,” concludes O’Meara.

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Patrick O’Meara, Chairman and CEO

The company provides data integrity and price discovery for low-frequency trading assets using big data, AI, and distributed ledger technology (DLT). Its proprietary data operating platform,, makes it easier for private markets operators to credential and validate asset data, thereby driving opportunities in the alternative, infrequently traded investments. Driven by AI, RPA, big data, and blockchain technology, enables clients to manage, track, and validate their data from origination to reporting.