Pixeltrade: Forex Trading Made Simple

Pixeltrade: Forex Trading Made Simple

CIO VendorPeh Wei Siang, Founder and Executive, Director “I always remembered the unforgettable quote ‘make money while you sleep!’ from the book 'Rich Dad Poor Dad' by Robert Kiyosaki,” begins Peh Wei Siang, Founder and Executive Director of Pixeltrade. “I was greatly inspired by his success stories to riches.” Recalling his penniless days in Singapore, Siang describes his initial struggle after dropping out of college at the age of 20 and being clueless about his future carrying a heavy debt. “But, I had a burning desire and the determination to earn money and I realized banking and finance arena was my calling,” he adds. Siang chose forex trading as a means of employment owing to lesser restrictions on brokers and trading anytime of the day. Soon Wei Siang realized that learning to trade forex wasn’t a piece of cake, especially in a financial hub–Singapore. “I attended countless courses and read many books—in the end I realized the key to trading well was in staying true to yourself,” adds Siang.

The successful entrepreneur joined a local proprietary trading firm in 2011, but quickly resigned because he wanted more than a normal corporate job, he wanted to challenge himself and his abilities to the fullest. “I founded Pixeltrade together with my brother Evan who is equally passionate about trading. We both spent sleepless nights doing back testing and made numerous sacrifices. But the end result was rewarding and can be seen in the success we have accumulated,” explains Siang.

Today, Pixeltrade is an affiliated brand name of the forex business arm of White Sphere group of companies, one of the global leaders in online trading, specializing in forex trading for both private and institutional clienteles.

From Dreamer to Achiever

According to Wei Siang, a proficient trader develops over time by implementing and consolidating skills that he picks up with the experiences, which no short-term program or reading books alone can give. “This is the backdrop of why I founded Pixeltrade Academy. Our trading floor training program has been painstakingly developed for almost over a decade by successful traders, experienced academics, and high performance coaches with one clear objective in mind—to train individuals to trade currency consistently and profitably, such that they can pursue a career as an in-house trader,” adds Siang. Through a combination of formal teaching, high performance coaching, simulated trading, active mentorship and plenty of homework, trainees are able to learn how to trade the global markets in real-time.

I attended countless courses and read many books—in the end I realized the key to trading well was in staying true to yourself

Based on Pixeltrade’s research, majority of retail FX traders go through a two-stage evolution process– from active traders to passive investors. “This is an unfortunate scenario. The average active trader’s journey lasts until realization sets in that currency speculation is a sophisticated game, and an edge over other participants is required to profit,” explains Siang. The passive investor is born as a result and relies on modern methods, be it social trade leaders or money managers to put their money to work.
However, the lack of regulation in this area has led to unethical behavior which leads to profiting at the expense of the client.” Here in Pixeltrade bridges the supply and demand imbalance and acts as a link between institutions through their forex adaptive system with a vision – to make profitable, institutional grade investments accessible to the laymen. “We assist institutions who are looking for more funds to manage and the retailers who are looking to access institutional grade investments,” delineates Siang. The company screens the investment strategies of experienced traders enabling them to target other institutions and retail investors through their structure. Pixeltrade aims to provide a broad suite of products, forex adaptive system– their automated trading software and trading service to the clients. “We have also launched our own brokerage platform recently in pursuit to provide the best trading environment to our institutional clients.”

Building Future Traders

Siang has driven the company to great heights only through hard work and dedication, with the steadfast ability to withstand fear of uncertainty in trading. “Entrepreneurs and traders take risk daily. With risk, there is always fear—of failure, humiliation, losing money and bankruptcy. This is where the ultimate stress test takes place, in the brain. The choice to choose ‘fear and quit’ or ‘push through it’,” says Siang. “The budding traders and entrepreneurs need to have a strong belief in themselves.” Siang emphasizes that an entrepreneur needs to be sure his product is something the world needs and that he can deliver it successfully and overcome the naysayers, who will always deride what the majority has yet to validate.

“A victorious entrepreneur is one who is prudent with every available resource at his/her disposal. Regardless of how seemingly insignificant, any decision that impacts the business should be evaluated carefully with respect to benefits and tradeoffs,” adds Siang. “With each passing day, my constantly growing trading psychology helps me in managing my business and act rationally in importance times. As Alfred Herrhausen said, ‘50 percent of business is psychology, business is a party of people not computers’.”