SS&C Advent: Managing Trading Workflow from Asset Allocation to Settlement

SS&C Advent: Managing Trading Workflow from Asset Allocation to Settlement

CIO VendorPete Hess, SVP & GM
Over the past few decades, technological advancement has empowered the asset management industry to grow exponentially. Still, there remain many complexities such as accelerated settlement cycles, worldwide variations in accounting standards, tighter and confusing regulations, and security issues that require additional innovation. Today’s traders are undergoing a significant transformation in their post-trade processing systems, enabling the buy-side to monitor and manage multiple trading venues, direct trade efficiently, and track trades all the way through settlement. Additionally, to stay competitive and relevant, traders need to build and maintain a robust, all-encompassing compliance strategy to manage current and future regulatory requirements. By integrating compliance, order and execution management capabilities, drift monitoring, and portfolio management, “SS&C Advent delivers a centralized platform for executing trading decisions quickly and confidently,” says Pete Hess, SVP and GM, SS&C Advent.

Since its inception in 1983, Advent Software has been focused on helping its clients make better informed decisions to work more productively, serve their clients more effectively, manage and minimize risks, and comply with complex regulations. “Since being acquired by SS&C Technologies in July 2015 [NASDAQ:SSNC]—a global provider of financial software and software-enabled services—we’ve been able to strengthen our commitment and ability to streamline trading workflow by leveraging SS&C’s vast global portfolio of technology applications and services,” says Hess. The SS&C-Advent partnership allows portfolio managers to make intelligent trading and investment decisions and provides the traders with the tools to effectively implement them. “Together with SS&C, we also handle all the post-trade accounting and reporting that an investment management firm needs,” says Hess. Committed to providing innovative solutions to financial services organizations worldwide, SS&C Advent delivers a suite of products—comprised of the Moxy solution, coupled with Advent’s portfolio accounting, straight-through processing tools, and research management solutions—that enables clients to automate and streamline their entire investment process.

We deliver a centralized platform for executing trading decisions quickly and confidently

“Our trade order management system, Moxy is the firm’s command and control center. It is a centralized platform that includes tools for portfolio modeling, rebalancing, drift analysis, and compliance. It is mainly used by asset managers and investment advisory firms around the globe,” says Hess. By streamlining the trade order management process, Moxy helps traders scale their businesses, handle more accounts with fewer resources, and improve connectivity with counterparties. “As our clients grow their businesses, they need a system that can grow with them and provide reliable and efficient routing of increased trade volumes. This is where our platform comes in,” explains Hess. Furthermore, Moxy streamlines users trading workflow while giving them the control and visibility across the entire process, from asset allocation through settlement. Leveraged by over 850 clients, the platform enables fast, precise trade creation and improved order execution.

SS&C Advent clients benefit from the company’s highly integrated systems. For example, the Advent team recently worked with a hedge fund client that wanted to develop their operational systems while upgrading its portfolio management system. The customer leveraged Advent’s trading solutions for a comprehensive transformation; their existing portfolio accounting system was replaced with Advent’s systems for trade order management, portfolio management, and reporting. “We helped the client to reduce the number of operational errors, delivered better quality portfolio reporting, and enhanced its straight-through processing,” notes Hess.

The firm is developing an innovative new user interface, as well as adding to its rebalancing capabilities and expanding its compliance functionality in the months to come. “We are constantly focused on building new and improved capabilities to provide comprehensive solutions to help our clients gain a competitive advantage,” says Hess.