TradeStation: Uncovering the Brighter Sides of Trading Automation

TradeStation: Uncovering the Brighter Sides of Trading Automation

CIO VendorSalomon Sredni, President & CEO
The shifts from the technology landscape have created enough furor in the financial sector, instituting the growth and adoption of systems and solutions that simplify trading transactions. Today, with blistering speed of technological transformation, automated trading system is the buzz word in the financial arena, enabling trading companies to have edge over their competitors. Unlike the painstaking traditional process of trading manually, the online trading platforms allow traders to effectuate proceedings faster and more strategically. Though trades are automatically placed once certain criteria are met, there are certain loopholes in the system wherein cases such as transaction and mechanical failure orders cannot be sent to the market and may require monitoring. To minimize these risks, Florida based TradeStation’s platform offers electronic order execution and enables clients to design, test, optimize, monitor, and automate their own custom equities, options, futures and forex trading strategies.

“Using our proprietary technology, EasyLanguage, a cornerstone of TradeStation, we have created a powerful trading tool that can monitor multiple markets in real-time, spot opportunities, and send orders to the market with one-click speed,” explains Salomon Sredni, President and CEO, TradeStation. The company’s platform aids organizations to find new trading opportunities through its dynamic market scanning and chart pattern recognition tools like RadarScreen and Hot Lists. The platform also enables firms to transform their trading capabilities using customizable charting, back-testing, and analysis abilities for trading on stocks, options, futures, and forex. At the same time the solution facilitates them to stay up to the minute with its timely research and news alert features. Further, TradeStation’s TradeManager offers advanced, real-time risk management and analysis to give investors a critical insight into trading.

“We have custom solutions built to suit traders’ unique trading style,” he adds.

Every trader’s priority is to manage, pace a trade or an order, check prices, and positions securely by logging on through a web browser. TradeStation’s Web Trading, an intuitive and easy-to-use trading platform allows traders’ for safe access from their web browser—Mac or PC. In addition, TradeStation Mobile allows traders to stay connected and receive the company’s core features—desktop platform and synchronize trading transactions to their online account in real time. “Our user-friendly mobile interface makes it easy to stay plugged in to the markets and personal trading account,” says Sredni.

TradeStation Network also offers consistent, lightning-fast order execution, and price-improvement opportunities for individual and institutional clients. “Our technologically advanced data centers, co-located in the New York, New Jersey and Chicago Metro financial hubs, are ideally positioned to help traders access market liquidity quickly,” asserts Sredni. The firm’s intelligent order router connects them to market liquidity, providing best execution. Additionally, the solution ensures successful trading for the investors with its unmatched degree of speed and reliability of data transmission, furnishing them data on market location before others.

“We proffer a powerful combination of sophisticated idea-generation and analysis tools, flashing order execution and an infinitely extendable, customizable platform—together with the highly trained support and flexible, and value-based pricing that active traders demand,” cites Sredni. Since 10 years, TradeStation has been extending analysis and trading tools and immense support to elevate trading, irrespective of the trader’s current trading level. Evolving the concept beyond strategies, the company is now launching an online TradingApp Store that will bring hundreds of ideas, trading tools and analytics from other software developers to brokerage customers through its technology platform. With this new TradingApp Store, the company is hopeful about guaranteeing easy access to insights, planning, technology and custom trading solutions to the clients of active traders.