Trading Technologies: At The Cutting Edge Of Futures Trading

Trading Technologies: At The Cutting Edge Of Futures Trading

CIO VendorRick Lane, CEO The economic panorama of trading venues has been redefined by the recent adoption of electronic trading systems and is proving to be a catalyst in the market architecture and consequential trading possibilities. The existing market structures, regulatory and competitive factors, and the varied needs of traders have cohesively all stimulated the integration of new technology into mainstream trading. Moreover, the ‘asset type’ has further sparked this transition, since standardized, homogenous products have demonstrated to be “easiest” to migrate into electronic trading. But no matter how technology changes, Trading Technologies has been a constant that traders around the globe can depend on.

Trading Technologies has realized its vision to become the ultimate operating system of capital markets with a promise to bring in broader capabilities to trading software, infrastructure, and network solutions and data. The company works on providing the biggest drivers for traders, including access to data, the types of data, and the possibilities around it. Known for developing and delivering world-class professional trading software platforms, Trading Technologies caters to money managers, CTAs, hedge funds, proprietary traders, brokers, and commercial hedgers and risk managers across the globe. Based on the market requirements and feedback from clients, the company offers access to exchanges and liquidity platforms; a platform for electronic derivative trading, automation, execution, and risk management needs; and an order-entry platform. Trading Technologies sets the standard for professional trading platforms by anticipating the needs of existing users to deliver solutions that give traders an edge in the competitive high-performance trading.

Unleash the Future of Trading

Trading Technologies’ unmatched performance, customization, and accessibility provide everything that the professional futures traders need. The nucleus of the company’s technology—the TT® Platform—is the fastest commercially available futures trading platform, built from the ground up using an architecture and deployment focused on speed. The solution is built on a hybrid cloud infrastructure that allows the platform to be accessible from anywhere around the world through mobile devices. This allows users to trade virtually using professional-grade tools everywhere—from office workstations to laptops and phones—across five continents, and access multiple brokers and their algos all through a single screen.

Trading Technologies’ unmatched performance, customization, and accessibility provides everything that the professional futures traders needs and more

Components that demand more performance run on bare metal servers, on co-located data centers, which deliver ultra-low latency throughout the globe. Whether clients are using Trading Technologies’ automated trading tools or building algorithms, the TT platform provides superior performance with its server-side execution and high-performance global network. From the look and feel to the application itself, users can customize TT to create an unrivaled trading machine with personalized workspaces, custom widgets, and fully configurable tools. Furthermore, the solution not only allows users to design charts by leveraging ten years of tick data to curate informed strategies, but it also enables them to choose between built-in widgets or TT order types, customizing logic or building custom algos using ADL or TT Algo SDK. With no software updates to download, TT serves as one of the most powerful professional trading tools with faster performance, enhanced flexibility, new exchanges, enhanced charting, trade analytics, and new options functionality.

Trading Technologies further empowers traders worldwide with its premier futures trading platform, the X_TRADER®. Since 1994, Trading Technologies’ X_TRADER platform has pushed the limits of financial technology and set the new standard for today’s professional trading platforms. Accuracy, stability, and speed being the hallmarks of the X_TRADER platform, it allows users to view and analyze market data, and trade on the world’s leading futures exchanges with tools designed specifically for the professional traders. With X_TRADER, traders can simultaneously trade multiple markets from a single screen. Stacked with supremely reliable and reflex-fast servers and innovative features, Trading Technologies’ X_TRADER platform serves as the ideal front-end screen of choice for professional derivatives traders around the world. The platform’s latest edition, X_TRADER® 7 combines universal exchange access, high performance, and full customization, with its sophisticated trading tools, to enhance their clients’ presence in all the world’s open-access electronic markets.

X_TRADER is designed to meet the demands of institutional brokers and professional traders globally. It facilitates easy order entry, order routing, and position management. The most unique capability of X_TRADER is its customizable windows that allow users to execute and track the complete lifecycle of a trade. –For instance, the flexible market window for easy order entry and depth of market, extensive order book displays working orders and editing functions, and comprehensive audit trail that checks transactions over a ten-day period.

Taking X_TRADER to the next level is X_TRADER® Pro that serves as an add-on to the standard software package for professional users. Although this add-on can be installed with X_TRADER in the default version, the service needs to be activated by purchasing the license of an X_TRADER Pro solution. In addition to the features of X_TRADER, the pro edition consists of the Autotrader® and Autospreader® tools. Autotrader allows utilizing any number of data feeds and market signals to create automated trading strategies through user-defined Autotrader formulas or via links to Microsoft Excel. On the other hand, the Autospreader tool enables the users to automatically trade one or more spreads simultaneously, with support for spreads consisting of up to ten legs. It can be used to view and trade spreads based on the implied spread price, yield, ratio, or net change while having the ability to change settings on the fly for working spread order.

"No matter how technology changes, Trading Technologies will be the constant that traders around the globe can depend on"

The Road to the Future of Trading

Over the past two decades, Trading Technologies has been a key to the transformation from floor trading to electronic trading. The company presently caters to an extensive range of markets including energies, fixed income, and cryptocurrencies where users can trade with TT software throughout North and South America, Europe and the Asia/Pacific region. In addition to granting access to the world’s dominant international exchanges and liquidity venues through its TT and X_TRADER trading platforms, Trading Technologies has also developed domain-specific technology for cryptocurrency trading and machine-learning tools for real-time trade surveillance. The company launched its crypto trading platform through a partnership with Coinbase, which aimed to offer institutional investors exposure and market access to cryptocurrencies.

Following the immense success and dominance of the TT and X_TRADER platforms, Trading Technologies is increasing its solution portfolio through its enhanced options offering, advanced execution services, and the latest trade surveillance solution, TT® Score. In tandem with its plethora of offerings, the company supports decimalized spread ratios for enhanced arbitrage trade execution of LME base metals and other international commodities through its industry-leading spread trading Autospreader tool. Combined with TT’s colocation with LME, Trading Technologies has allowed traders in the Asia/Pacific region access to the fastest commercially available futures trading solution available on the market.

What’s more is that the TT platform is also co-located with several of the major Asia/Pacific exchanges, including the HKEX, Singapore Exchange (SGX), Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and, as of most recently, the Osaka Securities Exchange (OSE). The company’s colocation with OSE in the JPX colocation space also presents proximity connectivity to the Tokyo Financial Exchange (TFX) and Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM).