ViewTrade: Innovation without Boundaries

ViewTrade: Innovation without Boundaries

CIO VendorAnthony (Tony) Petrilli, CEO
The digital era has not only led to a change in customer expectations, but also brought about technological advancements that innovative firms can leverage to redefine their business models at a lower cost, faster development pace, and with a wider reach than was previously possible. The commoditization of trading services fueled by technological advances, market changes, and increasing competition has resulted in a long-term downward trend in trading commissions and lower advisor fees. “As commissions race to zero, and advisory fees are compressed, financial firms are required to deliver new revenue streams while simultaneously reducing costs and improving investment management performance. To do this, firms must provide the digital information, tools, and services demanded by their clients. This is hard to do when the same firms must simultaneously invest in and defend their legacy core systems” explains Anthony (Tony) Petrilli, CEO of ViewTrade Holdings. Firms turn to ViewTrade to help them make this transition without taking on the risk and cost of rebuilding their core control-oriented architecture.

ViewTrade helps firms harness digital innovations to their advantage and appeal to the new generation’s buyer values, offering digital content and tools as enhancements rather than substitutes for human advisors. “We believe that the winning model is providing investors with the tools to make informed investment decisions while remaining connected to their advisor,” explains Petrilli. “We are unique in that we are specializing in both the technology and the brokerage elements needed for financial firms to succeed and for us to partner with them in that success.” ViewTrade provides business-to-business services to investment advisors and brokerage firms worldwide. Their digital services span from white-labeled online trading and advisor platforms, and digitized content and market data—to alpha-seeking and investment tools as well as compliance and risk management offerings.

We believe the winning model is providing investors tools to make informed investment decisions while remaining connected to their advisor

Services also include digitized workflow, order routing, and connectivity to any custodian—plus business and client profile analytics fully tailored to meet specific business needs. ViewTrade also facilitates new revenue streams for their business customers, with connectivity and tools to fee-based services such as stock lending platforms, mutual fund and UCIT platforms, money management platforms, and third-party services. All the digitized services can be accessed as a whole or individually, with the ability to use APIs to deliver the digitized service into an existing client- or advisor-facing platform for a fraction of the cost of building a new one from scratch. “We provide a full API suite to all our digitized services, allowing a client to select the services they want and present them the way they want. This allows for rapid innovation and delivery, allowing our clients to customize their end users’ and advisors’ experiences without the need to integrate into a core technology designed around custody, compliance, and control. This is how firms stay relevant and responsive, and we help them get there and stay there” explains Anthony Petrilli. “So, while we continue to focus on financial services and account-driven transaction businesses, we are evolving to provide digital solutions that can create new revenue streams for clients. We see ourselves remaining in the B2B space enabling financial services firms to retain their existing systems while embracing the latest technology and open innovation that comes from harnessing the power of digitalization,” concludes Petrilli.