Top 10 Trading Platform Solution Companies - 2017- Companies
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Top 10 Trading Platform Solution Companies - 2017

Trading, the core activity in the capital markets, is now governed by tools such as charting and account management modules, of the platform that facilitates it. From exchange of equities to currencies, the trading platform has simplified and expedited the buy-sell process for brokers, businesses, and investors. Bridging the chasm between exchange and investors, the trading platform acts as an electronic gateway to the capital markets.

Today, cutting-edge technologies such as mobility, cloud, analytics, and data visualization tools have augmented the efficacy of the trading platform. With the ability to assist traders in tracking trade history, interpret transactions, and strategize business actions in accordance with the market conditions, modern technologies are bringing actionable intelligence to the decision making table. Inventive trading methodologies like High Frequency Trading (HFT), an algorithmic technique of executing trade, have added new dimension to ever evolving trading platforms. Additionally, high-speed communication protocols and hardware acceleration is fulfilling the demands of the brokers and investors. Trading solution providers are zealously working towards development of holistic solutions that are inclusive of technological trends.

To simplify and help CIOs navigate the trading solution landscape, Capital Markets CIO Outlook has come up with special edition, where a distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, analysts including editorial board has decided the ‘Top 10 Trading Platform Solution Providers 2017’ in the U.S.

The listing presents the clear view of the solutions and their adeptness in tackling intricacies in trading world. It will also help to understand the technologies that underpin the solutions.

In the process of selecting the most promising trading solution providers, we have analyzed the company’s offerings, core competency, news/press releases, client testimonials, milestones, and other recognitions.

We present to you the Top 10 Trading Platform Solution Providers 2017.

  • Top Trading Platform Solution Companies

  • Offers an integrated Trading, Portfolio Management, Compliance, Risk and Reporting platform to Hedge Funds and Family Offices

  • Professional-grade charting and technical analysis solution that works seamlessly across web, desktop, tablet and smartphone applications

  • Clearpool Group is an electronic trading software provider and independent agency broker-dealer, that provides cloud-based Algorithmic Management System (AMS) powering the customization, execution, analysis, and optimization of algorithmic trading strategies

  • Provides real-time business transformation solutions to the investment management and financial services industry

  • ITG


    Helps leading brokers and asset managers improve returns for investors around the world.

  • Offers trading education and specializes in advising both private and institutional clienteles on Forex Trading

  • SaaS based platform to manage big data for the financial services industry including consolidation, simulation, strategy testing, analytics, and regulatory compliance

  • Serves institutional clients via an offering of multi-asset quantitative trading analytics, consultative solutions, a broker-neutral systematic execution platform, and workflow process management software

  • Calypso


    Front-to-back solution providers in Capital Markets, Investment Management, Clearing, Collateral and Treasury & Liquidity.

  • Kyriba


    Provider of best-in-class SaaS-based treasury technology solutions for CFOs, treasurers, and financial professionals