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HPR’S Emerging Cloud-Enabled Capital Markets Infrastructure

Top 10 Trading Solution Companies - 2019

The capital markets industry is intertwined with technology in an ambitious bid to update legacy systems, improve cybersecurity and enhance the customer experience.  In the online trading space, millennial investor base continues to grow, and providers are seeking to cut down on monthly fees and offering low-cost price-per-trade services for trading platforms. Advances in technologies are allowing firms operating within the Trading space to get ahead and differentiate. By embracing the latest innovations, old legacy architecture, systems and methodologies will be replaced for the continuous pursuit for efficiency, improvement, and legacy modernization.

That being said, to achieve this, it is imperative enterprises get their technology strategy right. Trading platforms providers are currently focusing on the integration of emerging charting tools that will allow traders to access real-time market analyses and reports. Additionally, powered by A.I, Machine Learning, block-chain, and big data—these trading platforms can facilitate intuitive presentations using graphs and charts of market reports. These technologies have augmented the efficacy of the trading platform with the ability to assist traders in tracking history, interpret transactions, and strategize business actions in real-time. Thus, bringing actionable intelligence to the decision-making table.  

Application Program Interfaces (APIs) are enabling traders to develop automatic or algorithmic trading systems for efficiency and improved decision-making. Innovative trading methodologies such as High-Frequency Trading (HFT), an algorithmic technique of executing a trade is adding a new dimension to the ever-evolving trading platforms. From the exchange of equities to currencies, the trading platform has bridged the gap between capital markets and investors by simplifying and expediting the buy-sell process for brokers, enterprises, and investors.

On the other hand, more companies are aiming to invest in open source technology. Given that, the technology would make it easier for exchange customers to access data in real-time. As such, companies can accelerate innovation in the differentiating parts of their platform while leveraging the underlying foundational innovation of the broader open source community. Financial firms are using IoT to identify the most suitable solutions in other sectors and leverage the technology architectures to enhance their offerings.

While the utilization of technology is a critical pillar of success to ensure long-term growth, it is simultaneously a tedious task for stakeholders to zero in on one from the vast assemblage of solutions. To help organizations and leaders select the best vendors and advance their Trade initiatives, a distinguished panel comprising of prominent CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and industry analysts, along with Capital Market - CIO Outlook Magazine’s editorial board has assessed and shortlisted Trading Solution Providers that are at the forefront of providing cutting-edge technology solutions. These companies offer robust products coupled with innovative strategies that are distinctively prominent in the field. We present to you “Top 10 Trading Solution Companies 2019”.

  • Top Trading Solution Companies

  • With 32 years of experience in the trading space, Ohio-based Dynamic Trend has developed a trading platform to help traders seamlessly identify and analyze trends and earn profits. The platform has several proprietary features and options-specific studies that are developed with an aim to enable traders recognize trends and generate profitable trading strategies. The company also provides brokerage integration tools that allow traders to integrate their brokerage systems with Dynamic Trend’s solution, seamlessly

  • HPR


    HPR builds Capital Markets Infrastructure with technology that powers the next-generation electronic trading stacks of global investment banks, clearing firms, asset managers, market makers and exchanges with a comprehensive suite of hardware and software solutions. The company's team is comprised of industry-leading architects and engineers with a vast array of required skills, including Networking/Telecommunications, Silicon Design (FPGA), Electronic Trading Systems, and High-Performance Computing

  • A software consultancy and solution provider from New York City, the company helps small broker-dealers of Wall Street to deploy their own solution without spending a fortune on infrastructure. It offers to downsize the entire bulky infrastructure into a plug and play solution where trading firms can drive their order entry and execution algorithms from inception to execution. Unlike white-labeled solutions that present itself as a black box technology, Lynx Capital believes in sharing its secret sauce with the clients. The development team of the company sits with its client to understand their technological needs to properly execute their own trading algorithms

  • Magma Trading has designed a structure for institutional broker-dealers and liquidity providers to interact anonymously to enhance execution quality. Its management team includes professionals who have been senior executives and CEOs of several large Wall Street trading firms and technology. An enhance liquidity for broker-dealers is facilitated through a customized Magma trading platform. The company's trading platform routes data to interact with market makers’ liquidity for trade execution. Broker-dealers leveraging Magma can access liquidity efficiently and quickly. Magma Trading provides a high-speed platform with robust infrastructure, enabling the installation at Equinix NY4 data center

  • Founded in 2011, PanXchange develops the trading platform that addresses the demands and problems for firms of all sizes. The company’s trading platform helps the users to add pricing indices, and introduce new product designations and geographic locations. The company seeks efficient processes for locating sales opportunities and negotiable deals and enable the existing systems for easy and efficient trading. The company aggregates trading for all types of physical commodities into one web-based platform, which offers instant price discovery and market access for increases operating efficiency and profit opportunities

  • TradAir offers innovative and personalized solutions to digitally empower regional and local banks and brokers, systematizing their workflows for better growth in their respective markets. These solutions can be deployed quickly and efficiently utilizing a hybrid approach of low latency data center colocation and the high availability of the cloud. With its development center in Tel Aviv and offices in New York, London, and Singapore, the company continues to earn more clients along the journey for whom it continues to deliver a personal trading experience across all channels—desktop, mobile, and API. Utilizing business intelligence (BI) to automate and drive its solutions, the company has stressed the integration of the human touch to the electronic trading process in a way that is conducive to operational execution and business performance. Team TradAir believes in adding value to clients’ businesses by preserving their workflows and enhancing their efficiencies for maximum outcomes

  • Kavout


    Kavout is an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven investment platform built for investors of all levels who wish to invest efficiently and intelligently. Unlike conventional investment platforms, Kavout is the first of its kind, which is integrated with big data, AI, and machine learning, empowering the businesses to make smarter decisions and gain better insights. With Kavout's robust platform, businesses will have access to investment solutions that are more effective than ever. The need for processing complex nonlinear data relationships cannot be fulfilled by statistical modeling. Kavout’s machine learning techniques for deep mining of data can successfully address the above issue

  • Revopex


    Offers portfolio execution services to clients

  • TopstepTrader


    Founded in 2012, Topstep aims to reshape the financial market with safe and engaging solutions. The company helps the aspiring traders to manage risk, gain confidence, and ultimately trade live capital without investing their life-savings. With the mission to provide a safe experience for traders, the company delivers diverse ideas for better trading results. Powered by the executive team with CME trading experience, the company offers a free trading platform to access. The company allows the traders to withdraw their profit at any time with no minimums or account thresholds

  • Trading Technologies

    Trading Technologies

    Trading Technologies is founded in 1994, with the mission to enables electronic trading and set standards for professional trading platforms. The company offers innovative tools for trading that maintain trading sped, reliability, and customization. The company develops the advanced trading platform, which support trading options in crypto-currencies with unmatched power and speed. The developed trading platform enables the flexibility to trade from anywhere, from desktop to mobile. The company ensures the simplification of complex trading operations with the SaaS delivery model while leveraging the multi-processor design for optimal trading experience