Top 10 Trading Platform Solution Companies - 2016
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Top 10 Trading Platform Solution Companies - 2016

Trading platforms today allow investors and traders to place trades and monitor accounts electronically. With the advent of digitalization, modern capital markets are now increasingly being hosted on computer-based electronic trading platforms that stream live market prices on which users can trade. These platforms also provide multiple tools like charting packages, news feeds, and account management functions. Further, Application Program Interfaces (APIs) allow traders to develop automatic or algorithmic trading systems and robots for better efficiency.

Though trading remains the interpretation of numbers, trading platform providers play a crucial role by adding business intelligence tools with actionable business metrics on dashboards and graphical presentations. This, along with the instant availability of information, is meeting the modern day requirements of traders and investors. Capital Markets CIO Outlook has analyzed the strengths and capabilities of numerous trading platform providers and chosen the Top 10 among them.

The companies featured here showcase vast knowledge and in-depth expertise in delivering trading related solutions and services. The listing provides a look into how these solutions work in the real world, so that you can gain a comprehensive understanding of the available technologies and choose the one that is right for you to thrive in this competitive market.

We present to you the Top 10 Trading Platform Solution Providers 2016.

Top Trading Platform Solution Companies

Specializes in front-to-back cross-asset, capital markets, investment management, clearing, collateral, and liquidity management

A leading electronic trading platforms and solutions provider in foreign exchange and fixed income

Delivering online forex trading, Contract For Difference (CFD) trading, spread betting and related services by meeting stern financial standards to protect trader funds

Provides brokerage, clearing, execution and technology services for exchange traded futures and option contacts

Operates an electronic trading platform for the global institutional credit markets

Trade management software provider

Provides a Peer-to-Peer automated option/stock trading strategy platform

Solace makes hardware and software message routers that efficiently move real-time information between distributed applications, devices and users

Provider of a centralized platform to manage trading workflow, from asset allocation to settlement

Develops advanced trading tools and global technology infrastructure for self-directed traders and investors



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