EBS BrokerTec: Anonymous Matching Platform and Engine

EBS BrokerTec: Anonymous Matching Platform and Engine

CIO VendorGil Mandelzis, CEO
In today’s evolving forex markets, banks need flexible trading platforms and tools that provide control over electronic pricing, distribution and hedging to meet the growing demands of their client base and improve internal efficiency through automation. In December 2014, London based ICAP (Intercapital plc) combined its electronic businesses, EBS and BrokerTec, electronic platforms for forex and fixed income to arm their clients with the modern day tools of trading. This resulted as a single business division, which is now known as EBS BrokerTec. As an e-trading technology and solutions provider, the company gives its customers access to multiple execution options and diverse, valuable liquidity. “We provide exceptional value to a globally diverse community of professional traders, by leveraging EBS and BrokerTec’s technology, resources, networks and extensive scale to quickly bring new products and services to market,” exclaims Gil Mandelzis, CEO, EBS BrokerTec.

The present day trading professionals require access to the right price, at the right time, and the right amount. EBS BrokerTec’s EBS Market platform provides access to unparalleled liquidity and depth, and supports a wide range of FX trading strategies, as well as API (Application Program Interface) and manual trading for buy, and sell side trading institutions. The platform connects buyers and sellers of currencies in over 50 countries across six continents, and is a trusted source of orderly, executable and genuine liquidity across all major and BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) currencies. Built by traders for traders, EBS Market facilitates a healthy FX market ecology—delivering the technology, connectivity and highly liquid, executable opportunities that professionals require to trade with each other on a level playing field.

The anonymous, transparent, reliable price discovery and execution in the widest range of spot FX is an un-exemplified trait of the EBS tool set. Customers can access EBS Market through—EBS Workstation, the EBS Ai API, EBS Prime relationship model and/or the EBS Global Access browser-based service. “Our low-cost and high-value modular workflow tools, robust infrastructure and smart solutions enable our customers to price, manage, execute and distribute their capital—in a single place,” says Mandelzis.

Likewise, EBS Direct provides relationship-based disclosed liquidity, allowing providers to stream tailored prices direct to liquidity consumers. This service leverages EBS’s unparalleled network, infrastructure and global footprint to provide the FX market with a reliable, cost-effective solution that requires minimal technical implementation. Additionally, the company’s BrokerTec offering includes trading solutions for many U.S. and European fixed income products, including U.S. Treasuries, European Government Bonds and European Repo. BrokerTec facilitates both API and manual trading for institutions, banks and non-bank professional trading organizations. The solution benefits customers with an increased certainty of trade, executable markets, level playing field for all participants, market insight into true prices, increased efficiency and improved risk management, effective straight-through processing solutions. “To ensure immediate response to customer queries and needs, the BrokerTec Market platform is supported 24/7 by dedicated team of customer support representatives,” points out Mandelzis.

EBS BrokerTec plays a pivotal role in bringing together buyers and sellers in the global wholesale financial markets. While, customers can also select the most appropriate execution method depending on the liquidity of the product and their specific needs. They also have access to an unrivalled source of financial markets data. As a key participant in the wholesale financial markets, the company believes that its success contributes to the economies in which they operate, by helping organizations to manage and mitigate their business risks. “Our risk mitigation services help customers reduce their operational risk and market exposure. We continue to innovate and develop new products and services as the markets and our customers’ needs evolve,” concludes Mandelzis.