Robocoder Corporation: Real-Time Trading Strategies for Triple Digit Returns

Robocoder Corporation: Real-Time Trading Strategies for Triple Digit Returns

CIO VendorNelson Lin, President It’s another normal day on the trading floor at 11 Wall Street, New York Stock Exchange, as screaming traders in their brightly colored jackets bid an open outcry of the capital stock available in the market. Fast forward fifty years and today, the financial trading sector has come a long way from manual trading systems to electronic platforms and algorithmic trading. Since the ability to predict share prices in the most profitable manner has always been the primary intention of the high frequency trading industry, modern capital markets are almost invariably hosted on electronic trading systems. “Currently, the key to success for financial firms is in having a technology that can embrace changes, and be upgraded on the fly, without breaking integrity,” opines Nelson Lin, President of Robocoder Corporation. To embrace these rapid changes, capital market firms need to undergo cumbersome procedures such as redesigning their technology architecture, adopting new approaches to data governance and analytics in addition to focusing on the smooth integration and transition of legacy systems. As a panacea, Robocoder builds custom enterprise database applications with their patented anti-aging technology and provides easy to use and intuitive Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C), and Peer to Peer (P2P) applications and platforms.

"The key to success for financial firms is in having a technology that can embrace changes, and be upgraded on the fly"

Strong Buy and Strong Sell

To help investors gain triple digit returns on their investments, Robocoder provides free stock trading predictions and subscription services via a P2P trading strategy subscription platform. “Whether you are a novice who wants to learn from the best, or a seasoned stock trader who wants to sharpen your trading strategies, Dentrader P2P trading strategy and prediction platform, is ideal for you,” remarks Lin. The platform not only gives users free and subscribed predictions on buying and selling strategies at major stock exchanges, but also connects to traders world-wide. DenTrader offers the opportunity for high returns and hand picks the traders with excellent track records, so that a client can leverage from positive trade history, which can be viewed through graphs and statistical records.

“Easily find a trader that mirrors your trading style, and get alerted as the buy and sell in real time, so you may make the same trades and enjoy the same financial success,” notes Lin. Subscribers to Dentrader receive the top traders’ buying and selling records instantly after execution. Benefits to subscribers also include, trader match making convenience and online trading guidance with less effort and commitment required than other trading alternatives. In addition, Dentrader has a proven automated index prediction engine that enables high yield on Return on Investment (ROI) in months and not years. Through Dentrader’s real time alert service to mobile phones and e-mail inboxes, clients are able to keep in line with any trading activity even on the go, and all trades are validated by image receipts.

Subscribers to Dentrader receive the top traders' buying and selling records instantly after execution

The Future is in Mobile

With the world going mobile, the demand for flexibility of applications over mobile devices is increasingly growing. Gartner dubs it as “the cool factor” and its studies suggest that by 2016, use of mobile apps will surpass that of internet domain names, making mobile apps the dominant means of engaging with brands. With capital market gradationally adopting a cloud computing model on a global operating basis, there is a growing concern on security as user experience is becoming more and more dominant, especially on the web and via tablets and smartphones. “One of our clients was so concerned about vulnerability that they hired a security company to conduct a series of penetration tests on our cloud server,” explains Lin. Aside from standard encryption, as part of access control, Robocoder addresses the apprehensions of financial companies by IP Allow List, customizable password complexity and expiry, CAPTCHA, allowable login attempts, and successful versus unsuccessful login audit trails. Once the authentication is done, role based access is granted to users based on organization, responsibility, and business rules. “These security controls have enabled us to deliver applications that are not only multi-tenant, but also connect their customers and vendors to share valuable data online and in real time for effective and efficient communications,” adds Lin.

Rejuvenating Applications with Just a Click

Dentrader is built with Rintagi 4D—an open source, app platform designed to build unique high performance, and reliable enterprise Business Process Management (BPM) software applications at a fraction of time and cost.

“The underlying principle of Rintagi is to renew the user interfaces, generate all codes from scratch—from architecture to the current specifications and technology, simply by pressing a button—without breaking the underlying functionality,” explains Lin. “Since it is building from scratch anyway, late change is essentially the same as early changes. Late change should be embraced, not avoided!” exclaims Lin. This unique aspect presents a strong argument when it comes to using off-the-shelf systems that cannot be easily upgraded versus Rintagi generated application which is fully customizable as per the contemporary needs of the organization. Rintagi finds its best of the breed applications in sectors like capital market, where companies cannot afford to wait months for upgrading their enterprise systems. When Securcor Financial Group first used Robocoder’s Rintagi Securitization Master—an end-to-end security management system, they were facing a difficult situation: a high growth plan and limited labor resources. Only a handful of chartered accountants understand securitization and they are hard to find, let alone afford. “Using our solution, Securcor was able to process large volumes of transactions without hiring additional resources,” says Lin. The benefits included deal closures in weeks rather than months and legal document preparations in minutes rather than days. Securcor was constantly amazed at the flexibility of the software as the small changes that would traditionally take weeks of programming time could be done almost on the fly, and real time with Robocoder. Not only was Securcor able to secure immediate ROI from their IT investments, they also gained a very intelligent system that accumulated their collective intelligence for over ten years while reaping the benefits of Rintagi platform.

Demystifying the Stock Market

In the days to come, apart from addressing mobile needs of their clients, Robocoder will continue to enhance its open source technology. By doing so, Robocoder aspires to harness the collective intelligence of the IT community so that the world can take advantage of Rintagi to develop next generation of capital market software. As trading platforms become more capable of addressing rapidly evolving business and regulatory demands, most financial institutions still struggle to make better and informed investments. Robocoder' s sole intention will be to strengthen customer satisfaction and guide them through indices predictions and trading strategies for maximum ROI. “Dentrader’s transparency allows financial success to be replicated and we will continue to reveal the world’s opportunity to our clients so that their investment persists to grow by leaps and bounds,” ends Lin.

- Sandeepa Majumdar
    February 17, 2016
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