Solace Systems: Next-Generation Messaging Middleware

Solace Systems: Next-Generation Messaging Middleware

CIO VendorShawn McAllister, CTO
Today, various trading platforms run on a fragmented architecture—a telltale sign of having been built over time with different products during the rapid evolution of electronic trading. Such systems become increasingly complex as organizations add features, scale up and face new regulations. As electronic trading has become the norm and data volumes skyrocket, capital markets participants on both the buy and sell sides need to cut costs and clean up their infrastructure. Solace Systems helps them do both by replacing a myriad of messaging technologies with a unified platform.

“Our platform manages the distribution of all kinds of information—market data, orders, risk data, trades and more—within colocation environments, over corporate WANs and via web and mobile devices,” says Shawn McAllister, CTO, Solace Systems. “We enable data distribution with the highest throughput and lowest, most consistent latency, with the robustness, visibility and security demanded by today’s compliance officers.”

Companies increasingly demand the ability to identify threats and opportunities as they emerge, so Solace integrates with big data technologies like Hadoop and Spark to let orders, trades and prices flow straight from trading platforms into big data analytics environments, either in real-time or batched like traditional Lambda architectures.

Solace was founded in 2001 to apply proven networking techniques to the distribution of data because founder Craig Betts foresaw the exponential increase in data volumes that companies are dealing with today.

“We initially focused on the financial services market and are now the chosen platform for many of the world’s largest investment banks, exchanges, buy side firms and financial information providers,” adds McAllister. “Our clients get high rate, ultra-low consistent latency data delivery without sacrificing stability, simplicity, platform visibility or security.”

Our clients get high rate, ultra-low consistent latency data delivery between applications without sacrificing stability, simplicity, platform visibility or security

Delivering high-end messaging capabilities as purpose-built appliances and software that can be deployed virtually anywhere, Solace gives companies a unified platform that meets all of their data delivery needs across continents, use cases, and computing environments—including colocation sites, corporate data centers and private and public clouds.

“Our Virtual Messaging Router (VMR) is a cloud native software message router with the same messaging, management and security features as our hardware appliance so applications can move from one to the other without changes,” says McAllister.

The company’s capital markets customers include Akuna Capital, Barclays, Crédit Agricole, Deutsche Bank, Korea Stock Exchange, Liquidnet, London Stock Exchange, RBC Capital Markets, Standard Chartered Bank, and Two Sigma. “We are solely focused on messaging, which has allowed us to create a competitive edge over other players in the market,” says McAllister.

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Solace Systems


Shawn McAllister, CTO

Solace makes hardware and software message routers that efficiently move real-time information between distributed applications, devices and users